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Welcome to Jurassic Park

Please remain still until digitization is complete

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Name:The Lost Grid
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Community description:a panfandom roleplaying game

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN Game opening when enough characters are in.

“Welcome to Jurassic Park. Please do not lose your Identity Disk for everything you do and experience here will be recorded upon it.” Is the first thing you’ll hear as you blink and are suddenly standing in a gleaming visitor center, surrounded by various displays of creatures you may or may not recognize. If you are observant, or manage to appear with another, you will notice right away the odd circular disk now attached to your back. Leaving the building you find yourself on a path surrounded by unearthly vegetation that looks like whitewashed plants of a by gone era of earth. In the distance you hear a roar of something large.

Will you go further in, or will you remain close to the dubious safety of the buildings around you? Either way you'll meet the local wildlife at some point during your stay.


The Lost Grid, is a Panfandom, AU, and Original Character friendly game that is set inside a server much like the Grid of Tron. Only this server was created to mimic the doomed theme park and zoo known as Jurassic Park. This jamjar style game will have your character not only having to deal with being trapped inside of a computer system, and the problems that would bring about, but also deal with the dangers of computer created Dinosaurs that may or may not be more durable then they are. They also have to deal with the mysterious first arrivals that may or may not be as trapped on this island as they are.

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